make your pendrive bootable using msdos

How to Make Your Pen Drive Bootable Using MS-DOS

April 24, 2020

In this article, we will discuss the thing that we might require when we functionally work in Technical Field. That is making your pen drive bootable. Most of the time many computer users tend to experiment with the operating system and they need software for doing that. There are still people they always look for […]

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How to Install C/C++ on NetBeans IDE

How to Install C/C++ on NetBeans IDE

February 10, 2020

NetBeans is one of the most popular IDE which is really simple and easy to use. A complete NetBeans development package supports so many programming languages for the development.

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test apache and php

How to Test PHP & Apache Working or Not – PHP Tutorials

January 31, 2020

In this article of PHP tutorials we are covering how to test if PHP and apache servers are working properly or not. Essential before you start PHP programming.

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install php on windows

How to Install PHP on Windows – PHP Tutorials

January 27, 2020

PHP is a server-side scripting language that allows your web site to be dynamic. As you know PHP stands Hypertext Preprocessor.  It has recursive acronym “PHP” sometimes it may confuse. It is the flexible scripting language to make the website dynamic. PHP is specially used in web development, PHP can be embedded into HTML. PHP CODE […]

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Create a Website Using HTML on Notepad

How to Create a Website Using HTML on Notepad

October 13, 2019

Write a code for creating a website using HTML or HTML5? This basic build block concept is required for web page development. The recent version is HTML5 so we will most probably use HTML 5 coding structure for creating a website. You can copy this below code and use it on your editor and customize […]

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