Fun Tech Tips Everyone Should Know

Fun Tech Tips

Technology isn’t just about utility; it can also add a lot of fun to your daily routine. Here are some fun tech tips that can enhance your digital experience and bring a bit of joy to your everyday tech interactions.

1. Create Your Own GIFs

GIFs are a fun way to express yourself. Here’s how you can create your own:

  • Using Giphy: Upload a video to Giphy ( and turn it into a GIF.
  • Using Your Smartphone: On iPhones, you can use the Live Photos feature and convert Live Photos to GIFs using the Photos app. On Android, apps like GIF Maker can help.

2. Add Emojis to Your Text

Emojis can add a playful touch to your messages and documents:

  • Windows: Press Windows Key + . or Windows Key + ; to open the emoji panel.
  • Mac: Press Ctrl + Cmd + Space to bring up the emoji keyboard.
  • Smartphones: Use the emoji key on your keyboard.

3. Play Classic Games

Relive the nostalgia with classic games:

  • Google Search: Type “Pac-Man” or “Snake” into Google Search to play these classic games directly in your browser.
  • Browser Extensions: Extensions like “Chrome Dino” let you play the Chrome offline dinosaur game anytime.

4. Change Your Desktop Background Automatically

Keep your desktop fresh with automatic background changes:

  • Windows: Go to Settings > Personalization > Background and choose a slideshow of your favorite images.
  • Mac: Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver, and set it to change pictures every day or hour.

5. Use Fun Voice Commands

Try fun and quirky voice commands with your smart assistant:

  • Google Assistant: Say, “I’m feeling lucky,” “Tell me a joke,” or “Sing a song.”
  • Siri: Ask, “What is zero divided by zero?” or “Tell me a story.”
  • Alexa: Say, “Give me a random fact,” “Tell me a joke,” or “Beatbox for me.”

6. Add a Bitmoji to Your Emails

Personalize your emails with Bitmoji:

  • Create a Bitmoji: Use the Bitmoji app to create a cartoon avatar of yourself.
  • Add to Email: Use the Bitmoji Chrome extension to insert Bitmojis into your emails.

7. Animate Your Desktop Icons

Make your desktop more dynamic:

  • Windows: Use the software “Stardock Fences” to create animated fences for your icons.
  • Mac: Use “DragThing” or similar apps to create animated docks.

8. Experiment with Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

AR can turn your surroundings into an interactive playground:

  • Google AR Animals: Search for an animal in Google and click “View in 3D” to see it in your space.
  • AR Games: Try AR games like “Pokémon GO” or “Ingress” to explore the world around you in a new way.
  • Home Design: Use apps like IKEA Place to see how furniture would look in your home.

9. Customize Your Smart Home

Make your smart home experience more enjoyable:

  • Voice-Controlled Lights: Use voice commands to change the color of your smart bulbs.
  • Smart Routines: Set up routines that trigger multiple actions with one command, like turning off all lights and locking the doors when you say “Goodnight.”
  • Fun Notifications: Set up fun notifications like having your smart speaker announce when someone rings the doorbell.

10. Play Music with Your Keyboard

Turn your keyboard into a musical instrument:

  • Piano Apps: Websites like “Virtual Piano” ( let you play the piano using your keyboard.
  • Music Software: Use software like “FL Studio” or “GarageBand” to create music with virtual instruments.

11. Discover Hidden Features in Apps

Many apps have hidden Easter eggs or features:

  • Google Maps: Enter “Street View” and look for Pegman; sometimes he changes appearance for holidays or special events.
  • YouTube: Search for “Do the Harlem Shake” on YouTube, and the page will mimic the Harlem Shake dance.

12. Create a Digital Photo Album

Make a fun and interactive photo album:

  • Google Photos: Create shared albums, add photos and videos, and invite friends to contribute.
  • Apple Photos: Use the Memories feature to create slideshows with music and effects from your photos and videos.


These fun tech tips are designed to bring a smile to your face and make your interaction with technology more enjoyable. Whether you’re creating GIFs, playing games, or discovering hidden features, these tips can add a little extra fun to your day. Explore these tips and see how they can brighten up your tech experience.


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