Easy Tech Tips Everyone Should Know

Easy Tech Tips

Technology can sometimes seem daunting, but there are plenty of simple tips and tricks that can make your digital life much smoother. Here are some easy tech tips that everyone should know to make using technology a breeze.

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1. Use Incognito Mode for Private Browsing

Incognito or private browsing mode prevents your browser from saving your history, cookies, and other site data. This is great for:

  • Private Browsing: When you don’t want your browsing history saved.
  • Multiple Accounts: Logging into multiple accounts on the same site without logging out.

To open incognito mode:

  • Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + N (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + N (Mac)
  • Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + P (Mac)
  • Safari: Cmd + Shift + N (Mac)

2. Quick Screenshot

Taking a screenshot is one of the simplest yet most useful functions:

  • Windows: PrtScn button captures the entire screen, or Windows Key + Shift + S for a snipping tool.
  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + 4 to select an area or Cmd + Shift + 3 for the whole screen.
  • Smartphones: Usually Volume Down + Power Button on Android, or Side Button + Volume Up on iPhones.

3. Undo Sent Emails in Gmail

Accidentally sent an email? Gmail offers a way to undo this:

  • After sending an email, you’ll see an “Undo” option at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click “Undo” within the given timeframe (you can set this in Settings > General > Undo Send).

4. Use Text Expansion

Save time typing by using text expansion:

  • Mac: Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text, and add shortcuts.
  • Windows: Use third-party apps like PhraseExpress.
  • Smartphones: Both iOS and Android have text replacement options in their keyboard settings.

5. Search Specific Websites Using Google

If you want to search within a specific website, you can use Google’s site search:

  • Type site:website.com followed by your search term. For example, site:wikipedia.org OpenAI.

6. Find Lost Devices

You can locate your lost devices using built-in tools:

  • Find My iPhone: Use the Find My app on another Apple device or iCloud.com.
  • Find My Device: Use Google’s Find My Device for Android via another device or the web.
  • Windows: Use the Find My Device feature in Settings > Update & Security > Find My Device.

7. Voice Typing

Dictate text instead of typing it:

  • Google Docs: Use the Voice Typing tool under Tools (only in Chrome).
  • Windows: Press Windows Key + H to start dictation.
  • Mac: Press Fn key twice or Control + Cmd + Space.

8. Bookmark All Tabs

If you have multiple tabs open that you want to save for later:

  • Chrome & Firefox: Right-click on any tab and select “Bookmark all tabs”.
  • Safari: Right-click on the tab bar and choose “Add Bookmark for These X Tabs”.

9. Use Google Lens for Instant Info

Google Lens can provide information about objects, text, and more just by pointing your camera:

  • Open the Google Lens app or the camera app on some Android phones.
  • Point at the object or text you want information about and tap the Lens icon.

10. Measure Your Internet Speed

Quickly check your internet speed to diagnose connectivity issues:

  • Go to fast.com or speedtest.net and start the speed test to get instant results.

11. Read Articles Without Distractions

Most browsers offer a reading mode that strips away ads and clutter:

  • Chrome: Enable Reader Mode in Settings > Appearance > Show Reader Mode.
  • Firefox: Click the reader view icon in the address bar.
  • Safari: Click the reader icon on the left side of the address bar.

12. Enable Night Mode

Reduce eye strain by enabling night mode on your devices:

  • Windows: Settings > System > Display > Night light.
  • Mac: System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift.
  • Smartphones: Look for Night Mode or Blue Light Filter in display settings.


These easy tech tips are designed to simplify your digital life and make your interaction with technology more efficient. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine to enhance your productivity and enjoy a smoother tech experience.


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