How to Install Windows 11, New UI, Start Menu etc…

Wdgets on Windows 11

So many news reveals have already stated that Windows 11 looks better than its previous versions. Yes, obviously there are so many changes on Windows 11. But we have to dig deeper and find that what are those components that they have changed.

The major change is User Interface and User Experience. We installed Windows 11 beta version on our system and we experienced they have changed so many other things as well.

As per my perspective, they have made the color changes on Windows 11, At first glance, I felt like it is just another copy of Fedora. The user interface and coloring experience made me think like that.

That’s my personal opinion, I hope there will more adjustments to the coloring, Icons, and theme selections.

During My Installation, I captured some screenshots so here you can see it’s very easy to set up Windows 11 on your system. As after you start installing the system you will have to select the drive prior so that you get to go further with the setup.

Windows 11
Select the country and region that you prefer.
Windows 11 privacy
Select / Enable / Disable privacy settings for your Windows 11.
Windows 11 your experience.
You can select any category that you prefer.
Windows 11 Cloud system
Windows 11 allows you to select two ways of saving your data. Cloud-based and local-based.
Windows 11 takes time to install;
Windows 11 takes time to install;
don't turn off windows 11
Make sure you don’t turn off windows 11
Windows 11
It takes some time to install Windows 11 on your system so hold for a while you will get the screen soon.

#1 Taskbar on Windows 11

Windows 11 Taskbar
Centered taskbar on Windows 11

Taskmanager now comes with a center-aligned pattern. the experience is like having a rocket dock or docker system in Windows. Windows 11 beta shows icons on task manager.

Another change we have found on Windows 11 is that they have reduced the options that we used to have on Windows 10 while right-clicking on Windows 10.

#2 Notification Panel

As compared to Windows 10 and another version of the operating system they have changed and reduced the population of icons and features from the Notification Panel. It very clean and left with only notification details.

Notiffication Panel
Notification panel of Windows 11 Operating System

#3 Clock Panel

You will be seeing that the Clock / Calander Panel has also got the changes and it resides along with Notification Panel.

Time Panel
The clock panel has been changed on Windows 11.

#4 Stat Menu

There is a slight change in the design and UI of the start menu. You can see this picture.

Windows 11 start menu
The start menu has a different center-aligned design on Windows 11

#5 Search on Windows 11

Search is more agile now, they have made it very easy. They will be searching all at the same point and even it will give the search history.

Search box on Windows 11
The search box on Windows 11

#6 Widget System on Windows 11

It seems they have made it very easy on Widgets. They have put all widgets on card-based decks so it’s very easy to navigate.

Wdgets on Windows 11
Windows 11 Widget Deck

#7 Windows Explorer on Windows 11

On explorer, there are slight changes on Icons and that’s all.

Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer on Windows 11 looks like this.