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How to Resize an Image on New Microsoft Paint

Windows 11 comes with an upgraded version of MSPaint and there are features that have been presented differently and categorized. Although, as in previous versions of Microsoft Paint, there is no resize button on the home tools.

In this article, we will discuss the methods to change or resize an image on Microsoft Paint or MSPaint.

There are so many changes in Windows 11, including the Start Menu, Taskbar, Desktop Icons, and their visibility. Microsoft Paint has also been changed beyond our imagination.

So let’s discuss how to resize an image on New Microsoft Paint.

Step 1: Open MS Paint with an image that you want to resize.

Size is 1280 x 852

Step 2: There you can see an image size at the bottom 1280×852 pixels.

Step 3: To resize this image on MSPaint, you just have to go to the Image section of the menu and you will find the image and skew menu.

image resize and skew

Step 4: Define the size that you want to resize on Pexels or Percentage and You can click on Ok for the change. That’s all.

Alternative Method to Resize an Image on MSPaint.

  • Simply just click on Files
  • Now open the Image Properties section, where you will see image width and height.
  • Just change the size as per your requirement.

alternative method to resize

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