How to Make Your Pen Drive Bootable Using MS-DOS

make your pendrive bootable using msdos

In this article, we will discuss the thing that we might require when we functionally work in Technical Field. That is making your pen drive bootable.

Most of the time many computer users tend to experiment with the operating system and they need software for doing that.

There are still people who always look for a CD or DVD to burn ISO files and make a CD or DVD bootable for changing their windows or operating system.

Here the easy way is that you can make your pen drive bootable, for that you need at least 4GB pen drive, or sometimes it may be based on what operating system that you are going to install on your computer.

It’s better if you have a 4GB or a high-size pen drive to make your pen drive bootable.

Here are the steps that are required to make a Pendrive bootable. In this particular article, we are talking about the MS-Dos method for making a pen drive bootable.

Steps to Make Your Pen Drive Bootable using MS-DOS

  • Start MSDOS in Administrative Mode.
  • Now Type diskpart
  • Its time you list your disks type “list disk
  • If you have already connected a Pendrive then you will see the pen drive as a Disk 1 with space. Make sure you choose the right disk otherwise you may lose your computer data during this process.
  • Now here you have to “select disk 1
  • After that, you need to clean your disk “clean
  • After cleaning your disk now you have to create a partition type “create part pri
  • After successfully creating a partition now select “select part 1
  • Now you will have to format the part type “format fs=fat32 quick
  • After successfully formatting partition just type “active” to make bootable active and that’s it.
  • Type exit and exit to close the MSDOS.
  • Now after this process you will have to extract your ISO file or Zip file of your operating system.

Here we have shared a screenshot of the process if you get confused in above process.