What is Human Resource Management?

human resource maanagment

Human resource managmenet or a function is responsible for attracting developing and maintain the firms workforce.

An HR information system is support activities such as identifying potential employees, maintaining complete records on existing employs and creating programs to develop employees talent of skills.


  • Operational level- training and development system
  • Managerial level compensation analysis system.
  • Strategic level human resource planning systems.
  • Business process and Information system

Business process refers to a set of IS (Information System) logically related activities form accomplishing a specific business unique ways in which organization and management coordinate these activities.

Functional area Business process
Sales and marketing Identifying customers. Marketing customers
Manufacturing and production Assessing the production Checking the quality  
Finance and account Paying the creditors Creating financial attachment
HR  Hiring employee Evaluating employees performance
Business Process

What are Different Business Processes?

Each of this enterprise application integrates a set of function and business processes to enhance the performance of the organization one of the major challenges facing firms these days is putting together data from the different system through which the info flows across the enterprise.

E-commerce, e-business, intensifying global competition are forcing firms to focus on speed to market, improving customer service and more efficient execution. These changes require powerful new systems

That can integrate data from many different functions of areas and organization unite send c-ordinate firm activities with those of suppliers and other business partners.