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What are the Different Types of Information System?

types of information systems

There are various kinds of Information System in MIS and Computer management. Some are listed here MIS, DSS, TPS, OAS, GIS. There will be more as per the environment that we start in technology.

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MIS stands for management information system It is a personal machine system and a highly integrated grouping of information processing functions designed to provide management with a comprehensive picture of specific operations. It provided the management-oriented report based on processing and operating of an organization. MIS is not new. Only it is computerization is new.


It is a type of computerize information system that supports business and organizational decision-making activities. It serves the management Operations and planning levels of an organization and helps to make a decision.


It is a type of Information system that collects, stores, modifies and retrieves the business transaction of an organization. This system is capable of reposting to user’s requests immediately. Example of TPS is an ATM in the banking system.


It is an information system that captures the expertise of workers and then simulates that expertise to the benefit of non-experts.


It is an information system that supports the wide range of business office activities that provides for improved workflow between workers. This system automates existing office procedures and provides optimum benefit to the organizations.


It is an Information system that captures, stores, analyzes, manages and presents data linked to geography. It is a combination of cartography, statistics and database technologies and can be integrated into any enterprise applications. GIS is used in geography remote sensing, archaeology land surveying, urban planning and many more.


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