Windows 11 Shortcut Keys: The Ultimate Guide

After Windows 10, the newer version of Windows is Windows 11, it came out with major updates on UI/UX and other features that it contains, some are good and some are adjusted as compared to Windows 10. Few features are minimized as compared to previous versions. On June 24, 2021, they announced the successor to Windows 10.

Note: If you are facing issue with your Microsoft Defender on Windows 11, here is the quick fix; MicrosoftDefender App Not Found

Windows + A = Opens Quick Settings Panel.

Quick Setting Panel contains settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Connectivity, Brightness, Sound, and other features that you can directly adjust with the help of this shortcut key.

Windows + C = It opens Microsoft teams for quick chats and connectivity within the teams and office members or any of the related stuff that you have been connected to. They have added Microsoft teams as an official chatting system in Windows 11, previously we used to have Skype in that regard.

Windows + D = It directly shows or hides the desktop, when you press Windows + D while actively working on the screen all visible apps will be hidden and you can do vice versa.

Windows + E = It opens a File Explorer.

Windows + F = Feedback Hub

Windows + G = It opens the Xbox Game Bar. It will show you the resource uses, allows you to record your game videos, and take screenshots as well as other features are available if you are a gamer.

Windows + Alt + R = It will directly start recording a video of your app or game that you are playing or using.

Windows + H = Directly launch voice typing.

Windows + I = It directly open the settings app, you don’t have to go to search and find the setting just quickly press Windows + I and your work is done, now you can adjust any setting that you want.

Windows + [+] Plus Sign & Windows + [-] Minus Sign = It works as a magnifying the screen.

Windows + K = Shows available cast displays.

Windows + L = Lock Your PC.

Windows + Shift + M = Restore your all minimized Windows.

WIndows + M = Minimize all the Windows.

Windows + N = Notification Panel + Calander Panel

Windows + P = Display Panels + Projection Panel

Windows + Q = Quick Search Panel

Windows + S = Search

Windows + Shift + S = Snipping TOol for Screenshot

Windows + R = Run Application

Windows + U = Accessibility Setting

Windows + V = Clipboard Panel

Windows + . or ; = Emoji Panel

Windows + , = Quick Peak

Windows + W = Widgets + Weather

Windows + X = Quick Menu

Windows + Z = Layout Panel

Windows + Space = Switch Languages

Windows + Ctrl + F =  PCs on your network.

Windows + Shift + Spacebar = Language List

Windows + Ctrl + Enter = Narrator

Windows + PrtScn = It will take the active window PrintScreen and directly save it into the Picture Screenshot folder.

Ctrl+ Esc = Toggle Start Menu

Ctrl+Shift + Esc = Task Manager

You must remember all of these Windows 11 shortcut keys to make your work easier, faster, and more efficient.


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