Boost Productivity & Save Time with Windows Computer Basic Shortcut Keys

While working on a computer, you must be very agile and quick as well as possess basic computer shortcut keys that can help you accomplish your work more quickly. We are going to list out the basic shortcut keys for Windows Computers in this article. If you are unfamiliar with it, Windows is one of the most popular operating systems.

Microsoft claims there are more than 400 million active Windows 10/Windows 11 users in the world, so if you are using Windows operating system or if you are a Windows user then these Shortcut keys will definitely help you to gain productivity; The purpose of sharing these shortcut keys is to allow you to save time when using a computer;

#1 Computer Basic Shortcut Keys

These are basic and universal computer shortcut keys you should at least remember and learn for yourself. These will definitely help you boost up your work.

Shortcut KeyFeature
Alt + FFile menu option in current program
Alt + EEdit options in current program
F1Help for All Programs
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + XCut selected item
Ctrl + DelCut selected item
Ctrl + DDelete selected item
Ctrl + CCopy selected item
Ctrl + VPaste copied item
Shift + InsertPaste copied item
HomeBeginning of the current line or file
Ctrl + HomeBeginning of the document
EndEnd of the current line
Ctrl + EndEnd of the document
Shift + HomeHighlight from current position to the beginning of the line
Shift + EndHighlight from current position to the end of the line

#2 Windows Basic Shortcut Keys

These are also very important and useful Windows universal shortcut keys to follow for the quick and better optimization of your work.

Shortcut KeysFeatures
Alt + TabSwitch forward between open application. You can change application quickly with this key.
Alt + Shift + TagSwitch backward between open application.
Alt + PrintScreenCaptures the screenshot of the current and active window or program.
Ctrl + Alt + DelTask Manager
Ctrl + EscQuick start menu
Alt + EscSwitch application on Taskbar
F2Rename selected file or folder
F3Find desktop
F4Open drive section while browsing or on explorer address bar
F5Refresh content
Alt + F4Close current program
Ctrl + F4Close window in program
Alt + EnterProperties of the window or program
Shift + F10Open up right click on the selected program or file.
Shift + DelDelete programs files permanently
Windows + DDesktop
Windows + MMinimize windows
Windows + Shift + MBring desktop on top of the Windows
Windows + EExplorer
Windows + TabOpened programs
Windows + FFeedback
Windows + Ctrl + FFind Computers
Windows + F1Help
Windows + RRun
Windows + Pause / BreakSystem Properties
Windows + UAccessibility
Windows + LLock the Computer


That concludes the list of Windows Computer Basic Shortcut Keys to Know. I hope these shortcut keys help you save time and be more productive. If you believe we missed any shortcut keys, please leave a comment and we will update as soon as possible;

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