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Why Disk Cleanup is Required in Windows 10

Disk Cleanup is one of the Windows Operating System features where Microsoft has added their own system to clear all the unnecessary files from the System drive. Cleanup helps to free up space on your hard disk which will directly impact the system performance.

If you keep adding the pileups of the unnecessary files on your system that will slow down your PC. Those files may be your temporary files or internet cache files or unneccessary programs or their respetive files.

This tool is very helpful for users to clean up the space from the PC or Laptop that you use Windows on, this is very systematic way to clean up rather using any other softwares to use for the cleanup process.

How to Use Clean-Up?

Step 1: Open Search Box and Search for Disk Clean Up

search disk clean up
Type Clean Up on Search Box

Step 2: Open that application to the process Clean Up. It will select the default drive which will be system or that will be the drive where your Operating System is present.

Select disk clean up option
Disk Clean Up: Drive Selection

Step 3: Select the drive which you want to Clean Up. Right after clicking on OK, It will search for files those need to be cleaned select them, and click on Ok to clean. It will also show the file size that has been consumed by that particular program.

Disk clean of program
Tick the files those you want to clean up.

Step 4: Now click on okay and it will ask for your action to agree on the process and it will show you the note that all files will be deleted.

Disk clean up
Check if you are sure to delete it or not.

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