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Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Area Network

Generally, LAN stands for Local Area Network. LAN is a computer network that links or connects computer devices in a small area of the network. Small area means may be the building or group of buildings it can cover or less than the 1KM radius.

LAN is restricted in size and range. its small size simplifies network management. This won’t require a huge team and cost to manage the network in a small area. Traditionally LANs used to run at the speed of 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. LAN can use any possible topologies like BUS, Ring, Star, or any other required for that particular location.

Nowadays computer networking is one of the major required technology in any developmental sector. Otherwise, work or services won’t be very effective. Networking has made things very easy in communication and file transfers as well.

Advantages of LAN

  • The reliability of the network is high because the failure of one computer in the network does not affect the functioning of other computers.
  • The addition of new computers to the network is very easy and simple.
  • A high rate of data transmission is possible because we will be covering the network range up to 1KM or less than that.
  • Peripheral devices like magnetic disks and printers can be shared by other computers.
  • Identification of computers and users will be very easy so that you can secure your network so easily.
  • You can share your programs within that network.
  • Internet sharing is also available so it will save the cost of the internet as well.

Disadvantages of LAN

  • Sometimes the peripheral devices may be fewer and users’ requests will be higher so it may cause time consumption.
  • It is within the local area network so, might cause a problem in data security because leak insecurity may cause unauthorized user access.
  • It’s a local area network so beyond 1KM you should create another local area network or any other network that is required i.e MAN or WAN.
  • If the server crashes then it may affect all the computers within that network.

Wrapping it Up,

These all are the advantages and disadvantages of the Local Area Network, please let us know if you are satisfied with these or you want us to add more to this list.


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