How to Install C/C++ on NetBeans IDE

NetBeans is one of the most popular ides which is really simple and easy to use. A complete NetBeans development package supports so many programming languages for the development.

And today we are going to use NetBeans for C/C++ programming, I mostly prefer NetBeans for C/C++ programming because it’s easy to use and simple to configure as well.

So the first thing is you need to download NetBeans with the JDK integrated. Download that and install the application that you have downloaded.

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First Step for Installing C/C++ Plugin

After that, the real process of installing C/C++ starts on NetBeans. So here are the steps.

  • Open Installed NetBeans Application.
  • Go to the Plugin section from Tools. Tools >> Plugin.
  • There you will see the Available Plugin section from there you will have to find out C/C++.
  • Which I have already installed on my PC Right now but if you check on your Available section you will find the C/C++ plugin there. Check that and Install with the few steps that it requires for installation.
  • After that, it’s done for the first step. Now here you will have to work for C/C++ environment integration.

Second Step for Installing C/C++ Environment

Now here you have to download C/C++ environment tools to make this work. Without an environment, this won’t work. C/C++ needs compilers to do the programming compilation job.

So you will need the following resources.

cygwin1.dll - 1.7.7, 1.7.9 - Cygwin Linux Like Environment for Windows.
gcc - 4.3.4 - Cygwin C Compiler
g++ - 4.3.4 - Cygwin C++ Compiler
gdb - 6.8 - Cygwin GNU Debugger
make - 3.81 - Cygwin make Utility

So above things are required to download them you need to download the application Cygwin.

  • After downloading the Cygwin you will get the application file. Start setting up & Proceed Next.
Installation of Cygwin – “Click Next”
  • Now here you will have to select the installation of the Application. Choose whatever you prefer. I Prefer Install from Internet.
Choose the suitable method of installing the program.
  • Select the location for the storage, I will go with the default one because I don’t want to mess with the location re-arranging.
Just select the location and recommended users.
  • Here you just have to select the local repository if you are downloading from the Internet.
I’m directly downloading from the Internet so what is required.
  • Now select the proxy System setting and Click Next.
We are directly downloading from the System so we don’t need anything to select here. Just go with the random.
  • After that, you will get a list of sites and servers from where you can download the C/C++.
Select the server and Go Next.
  • After that, it will take a few minutes to install this and you will be promoted to the new screen if you are done. You will have to find the above-mentioned tools under Cygwin.

These are the packages you need to find and download for making C/C++ work in Netbeans.

gcc-core: C compiler
gcc-g++: C++ compiler
gdb: The GNU Debugger
make: the GNU version of the ‘make’ utility
  • Find gcc-core: C compiler, after finding that click on the Arrow button and select the version and select it for downloading.
  • Same thing for gcc-g++: C++ compiler. Just do as I have mentioned above for C compiler.
  • Same for gdb as well.
  • Same for make utility as well.
  • After that, you will have to press on “Next” button. This is very simple, you will see the list of packages to download. And during this process, it makes take some time while installing all the packages.
  • After it gets finished just click on Finish and you are good to Go.

Third Step to Confirm the Environment Packages

Now here in this step, you will have to check and make sure all the packages those are required are done with the proper setup.

The first thing is you need to select the environment path for that.

  • Go to start menu and search for “var” which will get you “Edit System Environment Variables”
  • From there click on Advanced Tab and Click on Environment Variables.
  • Now here got to System Variables section and find “Path” and add the Cygwin folder path by browsing or where you install the Cygwin on your PC just locate and copy and paste the exact location.
  • Now after the click Ok, Ok, that’s it.
  • Now you can check if these are working properly or not. Just open command prompt and type given commands on screen.
  • After typing above commands these should return. Otherwise, there will be an issue of command, not recognizing. So make sure you put the variables on both the system profile as well as a user profile.

That’s it.


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