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What is System Analysis? Explain Different States SDLC?

system analysis and sdlc

System Analysis is the study of a problem domain in order to recommend improvements and specify requirements and priorities to achieve the solution. This phase focused on a more detailed understanding of the problem.

System Study This is the first phase of the system development process which is also known as system initiation phase.

System Analysis System Analysis is the study of a problem domain in order to recommend improvements and specify requirements and priorities to achieve the solution.

Feasibility Study Feasibility is the measure of how beneficial or practical a system will be to an organization. A feasibility study is a process by which feasibility is measured. There can be alternative solutions of a system and the feasibility study selects the best one that meets the system performance requirements.

System Design The best alternative solution chosen by the feasibility study is put for system design. This phase develops the technical blueprints and specification required to implement a database, programs, user interfaces and network. There various types of design tools such as Charts, Data Flow Diagram, Entity Relation, Decision Table, Context Diagram, UML

System Development The design framework delivered by system design phase is now placed for development using an appropriate programming language and necessary hardware. It is a part of programming. The system developer gives the priority for database design as well as user inters face design

System Testing System testing is the process of analyzing the system with the intension of finding errors. This phase is the most complex and time-consuming among other phases. System testing refers to testing Input, Output, processing, database etc. There two popular method

  • Black box testing
  • White box testing

System Implementation System Implementation refers to putting the tested system into operation. The main component of every system is people. Training or education should be given as per need of the system users. Various methods such as seminars, group instruction, on the job training etc. It is implemented

Maintenance and Review After bringing the system into proactive for a reasonable period of time, the user may face various difficulties or new errors. There is a need for system maintenance and review. The modification of the system can be minor or major. The minor modification is termed as maintenance and the major modification is torment and project.


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