Share Internet without Using Third Party Hotspot Software

Interesting tips for Windows 11 users. Windows 11 came with amazing updates and features. You can easily share internet or WiFi without using any third-party hotspot software. It’s very easy and useful if you are facing any issues with the internet or are not able to connect to other devices.

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Here are the quick steps that you can follow to share your laptop internet.

Step 1: Press Windows + I = shortcut key to the open setting.

Step 2: Now click on Network & Internet, after that you will have to click on a mobile hotspot to share the internet on third-party devices.

Step 3: Now choose options for how would you like to share your internet. With WiFi or Bluetooth? After selecting the option you just have to turn on the Mobile Hotspot.

That’s all if you follow all the steps properly you can share your wifi or laptop internet easily with other devices.


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