How to Delete Temporary Files Windows 11

delete temporary files

Cleaning temporary files or deleting temp files from the system is relatively easy. Temporary files are software files created in order to store information about the software.

Sometimes, temporary files are the most helpful because they can help to recover lost data.

The extension of temporary files is .tmp and all temp files are stored in a Temp Folder or Temp Folder. You can delete files manually by opening these folders.

Here are multiple ways to delete or clean temporary files on your computer.

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How to Delete Temporary Files Windows 11

Use Disk Clean Up is Still Useful

Disk Cleanup is a free tool available on Windows which can help you to clean temporary files from your computer. With many features, it can help you clear up all types of errors on your windows.

  • Right-click on the system drive and select Properties.
  • All windows have memory dump errors, but Disk Cleanup will take a while to find.
  • Select all the unwanted files and click OK. After that, it will show the list of stored locations.
  • To delete unwanted files from windows, click on the Delete Files button after clicking Ok.

Disk clean up

Temp Folder

The next alternative method to delete unnecessary files from the computer is that of deleting them off your hard drive. You have to locate the folder directory that stores the temporary files.

  • Windows Key + R = Run or Go to Start and click on Run. Type in %temp% with the mode sign and press Enter or click OK. The window is packed with temporary files. Press the Shift key to delete all files.
  • Locate Temp Folder is a secured directory for windows. It keeps track of all the newly opened applications. This software can recover deleted files from a backup.
  • Then press the Windows key + R = Run. Enter the temp folder and click OK. You can use the permission button to continue. Click on the delete button and select all the files.

temp folder

New Method in Windows 11 to Delete Temporary Files

There is another new way in Windows 11 to delete or clean temporary files.

  • Go to Settings>System>Storage.

Setting and Storage

  • There you will see the overall analysis of the system, and you can proceed further with the cleaning process.

temporary files analysis

  • Click on temporary files and delete them as required.

delete temporary files

These are all possible ways to clean up or delete temporary files on Windows 10 or 11. There are other ways as well; those can be used by third-party software.