How to Remove Weather & News Icon from Taskbar

We will talk about removing the weather & news icon from the taskbar. In recent updates, Microsoft releases a new update and they always change and modify something to make Windows better and more useful.

There are so many applications that Microsoft has added to Windows 10. Some can be easily uninstalled and some you can’t, you have to disable them from the Registry or any other way that you prefer.

Though Microsoft is releasing a new Windows later this year, we still need to know the tips and tricks to enable and disable some features. And recently, Microsoft has also stated that they will be ending support for Windows 12 by 2025. We still have more than 4 years to use this operating system in our daily use.

Let’s come to the point,

It’s very easy to disable the Weather and News icon from the taskbar. If you are an expert you might have already found this solution, but still, there are so many users they don’t know how to use it properly.

Step 1: Right-click on the Taskbar >> Point on News and Interest

Step 2: Click on Turn Off >> That’s all, the annoying news and interest icon will be gone.

Windows 10 News and Interst Setting

Isn’t it very easy and quick to disable it; Microsoft has given a very easy way to keep it on and turn it off. Some users might have felt this very annoying. I personally felt that too.

I don’t need that information right now. I have a smartphone or smartwatch or another medium of technology to keep me updated.


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