What is the Meaning of Network Bandwidth?

Network Bandwidth

The network bandwidth is the amount of information that passes from one point to another in a given amount of time. Bandwidth can be measured in Bit per second or hertz.

In Networking bandwidth is one of the important elements. It can be difficult to understand.

One of the few understanding;

  • Bandwidth is like the width of a pipe.
  • Bandwidth is like the number of lanes on highways.
  • Bandwidth is like the quality of sound in an audio system.

What is Throughput?

In networking, throughput refers to the actual amount of data transferred by the network or to the measured bandwidth at a given time.
Bandwidth and throughput differ slightly. Data bandwidth measures how much data can flow through an actual network path, while data throughput measures the amount of data successfully transferred by the network at a specific time or day.
Bandwidth and Throughput can be determined on the basis of
  • Networking Device
  • Type of data being transferred
  • Topology
  • Users
  • Computer
  • Server
  • Power

How Important is Bandwidth?

When it comes to determining the quality and speed of a network or internet connection, bandwidth plays a crucial role. The higher the bandwidth, the faster and more efficient your internet will be.

The determined bandwidth can save us a lot of money. And along with that network performance can be analyzed on the basis of bandwidth and its design.

What are the Different Types of Bandwidth?

There are two different types of Bandwidths. These are categories as Absolute Bandwidth and Effective Bandwidth. The absolute bandwidth of the signal is the width of the spectrum. And the effective bandwidth is a band within which most of the signal energy is concentrated. 


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