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What is the Definition of Computer Networking?

Computer Networking is a collection of distributed, intelligent machines that share data and information through interconnected lines of communication is called a network.

If two or more two computers are connected with a cable or without cable (wireless), that may reside within the room or house or school, etc…, those computers are said to be in a computer network connection. It may be used for sharing data and information from one computer to another or any other type of communication.

A computer network always runs on the internet protocols or called the set of rules. The protocol makes electronic communication easy and communication more concerned with the sending of messages and receiving from point A to Point B.

Advantages of Computer Network

  • It provides all the data and information to the users or computers connected to the computer network, without regard to their physical location.
  • Share the fast computing ability of one of the computers, which is connected to the network, with other users of the network.
  • Computers that are connected to the network can share printers, hard disk files, etc.
  • Computers, Data & Information can be well managed.
  • Networking provides a flexible networking environment.
  • Data and information shared through the network can be easily accessible from any location.

What are the Network Services?

Network services are the things that are network can do. The network itself has so many things to do and perform there are Protocol, Syntax, Semantics & Timing.

Along with that, computer network has different types of networks as well and they have theirs on services and applications.

#File Transfer

The network is as you know for data communication and transmission. So especially network does help to transfer the files and data from one node to another node.

#Sharing the Resources

A network does not only share files and data or information. The network is capable of sharing the resources within the network and can be accessed from any node in the connected network.

This enables users to use single resources on a shared basis.

#Communication Services

There are various types of communication medium network provides. Email, Chat, and other services. It makes communication way easier.

#Application Services

A major need is to make the work efficient and easy access to all the users. So it does provide services of database sharing and managing as well as web services.

Wrapping it Up

In computing, a network is a collection of computers, servers, mainframes, network devices, peripherals, or other devices that are connected to share data. The Internet connects millions of people from all over the world.


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