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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tree Topology

In networking, there are several topologies we have already discussed, Bus, Star, Ring and there are other topologies as well. In this article, we will learn about Tree Topology’s pros and cons.

In Tree Topology networks or computers are linked in a hierarchical approach as we can see here in the figure as well.

Tree Topology
Image: Tree Topology Structure

This type of network topology can be used in organizations where they have so many branches and have to communicate with them often. Headquarters communicate with Regional branches and so on.

Advantages of Tree Topology

  • Fault Isolation
  • Very easy to diagnose defective terminals.
  • Disconnect the branches of the network from the main structure. Without making problems to another branch it will make it easy to identify the issues.
  • Easy to extend. It’s because all the terminals will be on sub-unites.

Disadvantages of Tree Topology

  • Dependent on the root node or network server.
  • Root fails all the sub-unites and branches will fail to provide network connection.
  • Reliability issues arise due to dependence

These all are the advantages and disadvantages of tree Topology. If there is anything missing let us know.


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