Types of Computers On the Basis of Size

Types of Computers With Pictures

There are different computers on the basis of size. There are other types of computers as well but for size-based, we have Supercomputer, Mainframe Computer, Mini Computer, and Micro Computer. Along with that, there are other types of computers as well which are known as computers based on working principles.

Supercomputer – Largest Type of Computer

Supercomputers are the most powerful and fastest of all computer systems. They even the mainframes. The memory capacity is 256MB or more.

The supercomputer has more central processing units, an operating system in parallel which results in the very fast operating speed of supercomputers to make it very fast. Supercomputers are an important innovation in the history of the computer.

They may be employed in massive data processing, solving very complex problems. Some examples of Supercomputer are;

Mainframe Computer – Smaller than the Supercomputer

A mainframe is the largest and fastest and perhaps one of the most expensive computers of general use. They have a very large storage capacity and have a very high processing speed.

They support a large number of terminals, so one hundred to two hundred people can work at the same time with one mainframe. Mainframe computers can be used in LAN, MAN, and WAN.

With the help of a mainframe computer, communication can be established among the computers kept at hundred of KMs.

Minicomputer – Smaller than Supercomputer and Mainframe Computer;

The minicomputer is also a large computer. But it is smaller than a mainframe computer. Minicomputer started in 1958. The creation of integrated circuits for computer-enabled designers to shrink the size of the computer.

They support a large number of terminals two to a hundred people can work at the same time on one computer. Minicomputers can be used in LAN, WAN. Some examples of minicomputer PDP-8 etc…

Microcomputer – Smaller than super, mainframe & minicomputer

A computer that is based on a microprocessor is called a microcomputer. It is a small and low-cost, digital computer, The microcomputer has a microprocessor on a single chip which is its Central processing unit. It also has other units like input-output device memory units etc…

General Type of Computer that We’ve been using;


These types of computers are also known as notebooks computers. They are portable computers and are comfortable for the person in the movie. Instead of being lightweight, they incorporate all features of the desktop computer. It consumes very less power and gets very less heated.

It operates with AC or DC power. It doesn’t contain any expansion slots so it is very difficult to upgrade the system. It has a very thin screen as it uses LED or LCD as VDU.

The touchpad is used instead of the mouse used in Desktop computers and it has additional features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Desktop Computer.

It is also known as the PC because it is a single-user computer. It fits on the normal size desk and is non-portable. It has more storage capacity and has many expansion slots.

It is very user-friendly and easy to use. It is used for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, database mgmt., playing games, surfing the internet, etc.Eg. General Computers are found in offices, colleges, hospitals, shops, homes, etc.

Palmtop Computer.

It is also a portable type of computer. It is very small in size and fits on a palm. It has a CPU in a single chip that is not very powerful. It has very little memory and features and uses flash memory instead of HDD. It is battery-powered and operates with DC power.

It doesn’t contain any expansion slots. As it accepts touch screen input, contains an electronic writing pad and light-sensitive electronic pen. It is used for scheduling appointments, storing addresses, phone no., contacts, pictures, etc, and storing small types of data.

Eg. Palm pilot, Zr-3500x, REX-PC, Sharp Zarus, etc.