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Types of Computer on the Basis of Working Principles

Analog Computer

AKAT-1-Analog Computer

Analog computers are those that deal with natural phenomena and physical values or analog values or quantities. These are called analog computers. Such as frequency, earthquake, volcano, the flow of water, wind speed, weight, light, etc. 
The analog computer relies on continuous data, and its output is also continuous in the form of a graph. It is most commonly used in the scientific, medical, and industrial fields.
Speedometer is also an example of an analog computer.

Main Features of Analog Computer

  1. It works on Continuous data.
  2. It is measure natural or physical analog values.
  3. It is not a versatile computer or machine.
  4. It is more Accurate than a digital computer.
  5. It is not a general-purpose computer.
  6. It gives its output in form of a graph or curve.

Digital Computer

digital computer

The term digital computer refers to computers that are based on digital values or discontinuous data.
The process in terms of the binary number system, the digital computers. Digital computers work on numerical problems of the business or scientific field.
These are general-purpose computers. These were popular in the ’90s for commercial selling and for users to do the calculation and their general computational needs. And also they can have network connection and can be used for various purpose.
You can learn about these development and the phases about the development of digital computers and analog computers.

Main Features of Digital Computer

  1. It works on the basis of discontinuous or discrete data.
  2. It is based on principle 0 or 1.
  3. It is general purpose computer.
  4. It is versatile or 100% accurate.
  5. It has very high storage capacity.
  6. It has faster processing speed.
  7. Can be used for desktop publishing.

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid means combining two or more elements. It is a combination of analog and digital computers. It can work with physical or continuous data, like analog computers or it can also work with discrete or discontinuous values, like digital computers. But it cannot be used as a general-purpose computer.

Main Features of Hybrid Computer

  1. It works on continuous as well discontinuous value.
  2. It converts the analog value to digital value or digital value in analog.
  3. It is really very high cost as comparied to digital computer.
  4. Specially used in hospitals for diagnostic purpose.
  5. Also can be used for militery equipment use or special device control or aeroplane or jet plane control system.


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