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What is System? Characteristics of the System?

Systema comes from the Greek word systema, which means an organized relationship among working components. The term system refers to the whole set of ideas and objects that are all ordered together.

Some examples are Library management systems, computer systems, accounting systems, production systems, etc.

Basically, it is a set of elements joined together for a common objective. It can also refer to the combination of people, devices, and methods interrelated in working towards a common goal.

A system cannot complete a job without subsystems. The subsystem is a component of the larger system. The various functional areas are called sub-systems and have sub-sets.

Examples: business system, computer system, information systemetc.

Every system has a boundary within, which it lies and outside of which is its environment.

  1. There is some specific purpose or function that must be fulfilled or performed.
  2. There are a number of components that can be identified as the necessary ingredients of the problem; each component has a variety of attributes that are implicitly, physically, and behaviorally necessary for description.
  3. These components are interrelated in some manner, satisfying interface consistency between the components.
  4. These are constraints that restrict the system’s behavior and the individual component response.


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