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What is Programming Language? & It’s Types

The computer understands the programming language and the computer programming language is known as the set of rules that transforms logic, events, and actions into the user’s interactions in different ways, such as through Graphical interfaces or Command line-based functions.

Programming Language is a specially developed software programs, scripts or other sets of instuctions for computer execute. There are so many programming languages i.e C, C++, Python, Java, Android, C# FORTRAN, QBASIC.

Programming there are two different types.

  1. Low-Level Language
    1. Machine Level Language
    2. Assembly Language
  2. High-Level Language

Low-Level Language

A Low-Level Programming Langauge is a computer or hardware understandable. It is very hard and difficult in coding and debugs. Rather than users, it will be based on machines.

Machine Level Language

It’s the first generation language. The machine language consists of instructions that are written in binary code (language consisting of two numbers only 0 and 1. The computer can understand only machine-level languages.

There are so many features of the machine-level language. This may include the advantages and disadvantages of machine-level language.

  • Machine-level language is difficult and hectic.
  • Debugging is also very difficult and it’s very complex to write.
  • Machine languages programs are not portable.
  • Computer execution is way much faster.
  • it doesn’t require any translator

Assembly language

This is known as second-generation language. The assembly language comprises language written symbolic representation of English words like MOD, ADD, SUB, etc…

It is easier to write codes than in machine languages. Since computers cannot directly understand assembly language, so we need to have a language translator called ‘assembler’.

Execution of programs is faster than high-level language programs and slower than machine language programs.

High-Level Language

High-level languages are more familiar with the users and programmers rather than machines.

High-level languages (HLL) are programming languages, such as C, FORTRAN, or Pascal, that allow programmers to write programs that are independent of particular computer types.

These languages are considered high-level since they are closer to human languages than to machine languages.

HLL is like the English language, so it is easy to understand and write. We can easily find the bugs and issues.


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