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What are the Nature and Features of Research?

Research involves studying in-depth any issue or subject in order to enhance knowledge or solve a problem faced by an organization.

The major features of the research are listed below.

  • Objective
  • Control
  • Generalizability
  • Without Personal Bias
  • Systematical
  • Reproducible
  • The problem needs to be solved.
  • Logical
  • Replicable

Nature and Features of Research


Research should have objectives and it must answer what we are going to achieve through this research and all the objectives should be based on the questions specifically not in a descriptive way.

Setting up objectives requires the formulation of a proper hypothesis, otherwise, there may be a lack of congruence between the research questions and the hypothesis.


Research should be based on the selective hypothesis not outside the topic and research objective. We should be following the required format of research for a better paper or research presentation. A researcher should have control over the research topics.


Generalizability is the measure of how useful the outcomes of a study are for a wider group of people or situations. A study has good generalizability if the results are broadly applicable to various kinds of people.

Research Should be Done Without Personal Biases

Biasesness on the research reflects it as bad research and an incomplete version of the documentation. You have to be free from biasedness and should follow the planned steps as well. A researcher should follow the methodology and not use personal perception to change the data and manipulate the results.


Research is done on the basis of planning not just on random research, reading, and writing techniques. It does have a methodology it does and it should follow the systematic rules and steps for completing the research. Research should follow the steps serially to make it fruitful and better.


A researcher should be able to get approximately the same results by using an identical methodology if the investigation is conducted on a population having characteristics similar to the earlier study.

Problem Needs to be Solved

Research should solve the problem of the hypothesis. It should identify the problems and investigates every aspect in depth.


For the research, it’s a tough job to give the proper and logical basis and informational sources. Research does not only present the result on the basis of interpretation but proves those results using various logics.


Multiple research on the same topic could enhance the reliability of the research and its results. It validates the accuracy and the reliability of the theory or the hypothesis.

Wrapping it up

Research should be conducted in a manner where it has to provide the facts and prove the things as it has defined or lineup for the investigation.


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