C Programming Features, De-Merits & Development Life Cycle

C Program is one of the powerful programming languages. Which does help to develop software and desktop application programs.

Features of C Language

  • It is a block-structured language with functional flow-control constructs.
  • It differs from many of the higher-level languages by permitting interaction with the computer’s inner workings.
  • It is a simple, contained, versatile, more expressive general-purpose language.
  • It has a high degree of language mobility.
  • It is last and efficient.
  • It is function-oriented. All additional tasks include input and output, graphics, math computations and access to peripheral devices that are placed as library functions.
  • The characters and numeric digits are the fundamental data objects of C language.
  • It has a rich set of operators.
  • The dynamic storage location is possible with C.
  • It permits all data conversion, mixed-mode operations.
  • It easily manipulates with bits, bytes, and addresses.

De-Merits of C Language

  • Unlike another language, it is difficult for a novice user to learn ‘ C” language.
  • The register declaration in c language is only an instruction to the compiler but does not refer to specific machine registers.
  • Memory input/output string manipulation etc is done through functions, hence function calls through proper parameters should be made.

C Development Life Cycle

Step 1

Use an editor to write your source code. By tradition, C source code files have the extension .C for eg. add.c data.c and so on.  

Step 2

Compile the program using a compiler. If the compiler doesn’t’ find any errors in the program, it produces an object file. The compiler produces object files with a .obj extension and the same name as the source code file eg. add.c compiles to add.obj. If the compiler finds errors, it reports them. you must return to Step 1. to make corrections in your source code.  

Step 3

Link the program a linker. If no errors occur, the linker produces an executable program located in a disk file with a .exe extension and the same name as the object file eg. add.obj is linked to creating add.exe.  

Step 4

Execute the program. You should test to determine whether it functions properly. If not start again with step 1 and make modifications and additions to your source code.


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