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What are the diffrent types of database network models?

Database network models are used to organize data it determines the manner in which data can be stored, organized and manipulated in a database system.

Hierarchical Database Model

A hierarchical database is the oldest model of the database. We frequently find data exhibiting a hierarchical (Level or tree structure) relationship. Database system must start from the top (also called root).


  • Easiest model of the database.
  • More Secure because nobody can see and modify a child without consulting.
  • Searching is fast and easy if the parent is known.
  • Efficient in handling one too many relationships.


  • It is old-fashioned.
  • Modification and addition of a child without consulting the parent is impossible or very hard.
  • It is nonflexible database model.4. Can’t handle many too much relationship.
  • Increase data redundancy.

Network Database Model

The network database model is a network of connections between data elements are established this model overcome s the problems faced in the hierarchical model searching data from the bottom or middle.


  • It is more flexible.
  • Less data redundancy.
  • Support many too much relation.


  • It takes more space.
  • More processing time.

Relational Database Model

The Relational Database model is a collection of data items is organized in the table from which data can be accessed in May a different way this model can handle many to many relationships.


  • Flexible and efficiency
  • Relationship many to many
  • Table Diagram
  • Good Management
  • Less Redundancy
  • Searching speed is fast


  • Very complex
  • Not- User-friendly
  • Less Secure


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