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What are the responsibilities of a database administrator DBA?

A database administrator is an individual responsible for maintaining the DBMS It has many different responsibilities, but the overall goal of DBA is keeping the server up all the times. It can be someone who has concentrated in the areas of database design and administration. A DBA can be a programmer who took the responsibility of maintaining a database server.

A DBA Need the following.

  • Knowledge of the operating system in which the database server is running.
  • Knowledge of database design.
  • Knowledge of structure Language
  • Knowledge about the database server.
  • General understanding of network architectures example:- client/ server, internet/ Intranet.

Roles and Responsibilities of DBA

The DBA is responsible for installing a database server or upgrading an existing database server. In the case of an upgrading database server, the DBA is responsible for ensuring that if the upgrade is not successful.

Monitoring the Database Saver’s Health and Tuning Accordingly: – The server is running with optimal performance. The error log or event is monitored for database errors.

Using Storage properly: – Database servers enable us to automatically grow the size of the database and transaction logs, or we can choose to select a fixed size for the database and transaction log.

Performing Backup and Recovery Duties: –  Establishing standards and schedules for database backups.

Developing recovery procedures for each database. – Making sure that the backup schedules meet the recovery requirements.

Managing Database Users and Security: – The DBA works tightly with the network administrator to add network users to the database.

Working with Developers: – The DBA works closely with development teams to assist in overall database design.

Transferring data: – The DBA is responsible for importing and exporting data to and from the database server.

Scheduling events: – The DBA is responsible for setting up and scheduling various events.

  • Establishing and Enforcing Standard 
  • Replicating Data
  • Providing 24-hour access
  • Learning constantly


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