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HTML – Blockquote Element for Quotes

TML <blockquote> Element

When you want to quote a passage from another source, you should use the <blockquote> element.


<p>Words by Neil Patel. </p>
<blockquote>Going above and beyond involves making customers "feel special" and helping them out even when it may not make sense.</blockquote>

HTML Output

Words by Neil Patel. 

Going above and beyond involves making customers “feel special” and helping them out even when it may not make sense.

Text inside an element is usually indented from the left and right edges of the surrounding text, and some browsers use an italicized font.

Cite attribute with <blockquote> element.

You can use the cite attribute on the <blockquote> element to indicate the source of the quote.  The value of the cite attribute is the URL. 


<blockquote cite='http://ansmachine.blogspot.com/'>HTML Tutorial for All</blockquote>

HTML Output

HTML Tutorial for All


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