HTML – Strong Tag and Comment Tag

Strong Tag and Comment Tag

HTML <strong> Tag

The strong tag works like as <b> [Bold] tag.    The strong tag indicates the text strong or important.

If any of your content is important,  then you can use the strong tag to indicate that text on your web page.

It is pair tag, means it has start and end tag. <strong> start tag and </strong> closing tag.

HTML Example

<strong>Blogging </strong>is more important then me. I love <strong>blogging</strong>  

HTML Output

Blogging is more important then me. I love blogging

HTML Comments

You can put comments in between any tags in your HTML documents.

Comments are required to make code understandable, we don’t have to think we are not only the coder, programmer & expert.

If another engineer or developer check any part of code then S/He should know what is that code and why that code exists.

So it’s better to put comments while doing the coding.


<!-- Comment Goes Here -->

Anything after <!– until the closing –> will not be displayed. It can still be seen in the source code for the document, but it is not shown onscreen.

It is good practice to comment your code, especially in complex documents, to indicate sections of documents and any other notes to anyone looking at the code.