HTML – EM Tag, INS and Strike Tag

HTML em Tag

The html em tag is used to add emphasis to a word or phrase. The emphasized text is rendered in italics in most browsers.

Previously some browsers won’t display the italics while using the em tag.

The emphasis tag was meant to provide emphasis to the text. It is also widely used for text formatting.

The em tag is the pair tag it starts tag and closing <em> </em>.  It works like an italics tag.

HTML Syntax.

The text is <em>emphasized.</em> Meant to provide <em>emphasis to text.</em>

HTML Output

The text is emphasized. Meant to provide emphasis to text.

You can use CSS to give the new style to em tag.

HTML <ins> Tag

The HTML <ins> tag is used to indicate newly inserted text. Inserted text can be useful in determining differences between multiple versions of the same document.

Browsers will normally underline inserted text and strike a line through the deleted text.

Attributes of <ins> Tag

  • cite –               URL                                                   Specifies a URL or a document
  • datetime          YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSTZD    Specifies a Date and Time Changed.

HTML Example

<p> The HTML is Client Side <ins>Scripting</ins> Programming <ins>Language</ins></p>

HTML Output

The HTML is Client Side Scripting Programming Language

HTML <s> and <strike> Element.

The content of an <s> or <strike> element is displayed with a strike through, which is a thin line through the text (<s> is just the abbreviated from of <strike>).


The following <strike>word</strike> would have a <s>strikethrough</s>


The following word would have a strikethrough

In HTML5 <strike> tag is not supported instead of <strike> tag we use <del> tag in HTML5.

Both the <s> and <strike> elements are deprecated, although they are still supported by current browsers.

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