Difference Between RISC and CISC Architecture

Stands for “Complex Instruction Set Computing.” This is a type of microprocessor design. The CISC architecture contains a large set of computer instructions that range from very simple to very complex and specialized.

A reduced instruction set computer, or RISC, is a computer instruction set that allows a computer’s microprocessor to have fewer cycles per instruction than a complex instruction set computer. A RISC computer has a small set of simple and general instructions, rather than a large set of complex and specialized ones.

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In CISC computer architecture there is a large set of instructions available. A large set of instruction variable formats (16-64 bits/inst)In RISC architecture small set of instruction with fixed (32 bit) format and most register-based instruction
There is CISC architecture lots of addressing modes are available so we can do lots of operation using different addressing modes.There in RICS architecture least number of addressing modes so we can perform the least number of operation
12-24 addressing modes are available in CISC.3-5 addressing modes are available in RISC.
General-purpose register and cache design 8-24 GPRs, mostly with a unified cacheGeneral-purpose register and cache design 32-192 GPRs, with split cache(data and instruction)
Clock rate and CPI 33-50 MHzCPI   2-15Clock rate and CPI 50-150MHzCPI <1.5
It is based on Micro programmed control unitIt is based on Hardwired control unit


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