C – Programming Introduction With History

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C is a very powerful high-level programming language which can also be used for developing robust applications and system programming. Most of the popular Operating System such as LINUX, UNIX, MINIX and many of the system application programs are written in C.

It is a machine-independent, general-purpose programming language. C consists of very few numbers of keywords in comparison to the other programming languages.  

C is very typical and general-purpose programming language for students and academic, for this most of the schools, colleges and universities have a course in C programming in their syllabus.  

It is a structured programming language which is used to develop the operating system, business system, word processing, database management system etc. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at The Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1972, USA.

Every function of C is accompanied by its own set of library functions and every library function is accompanied by their separate header files. Unlike some languages that ignore case, C is case-sensitive. This means that a variable named ‘an’ is different from a variable named ‘A’.

History With Dates

  • 1960s FORTRAN and COBOL.
  • 1960 ALGOL.
  • 1963 CPL.
  • 1967 BCPL -By Martin Richards.
  • 1970 B – By Ken Thompson (at AT & T Bell Lab).
  • 1972 C – By Dennis Ritchie (AT & T Bell Lab).

C Syntax

void main(){
  printf("Hello World!");

   This is the basic example of c programming syntax and structure.