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Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a two- or three-dimensional video display devices such as a TV screen, virtual reality headset or computer monitor where players interact with objects displayed on a screen for the sake of entertainment.

The purpose of video games widely varies with the nature of information itself – to inform, persuade, or stimulate. These video games can have any type of gameplay, from puzzles to action to adventure.

Everybody loves playing video games right from a kid to an adult. It is the favourite past time and consists of interesting applications. With the increase in processing power, the modern-day games have become more advanced and are laden with graphics.

The introduction of high powered devices such as PlayStation and Xbox has revolutionized the gaming concept and helped it to become more popular. Well, video games seem to be highly advantageous but they have certain drawbacks too. Let’s pause and see the advantages and disadvantages of playing video games. There are so many popular games that you can play such as

Advantages of Playing Video Games

  • Video games play a very important role in enhancing the logical reasoning powers of the children.
  • One of the best advantages of gaming technology is that it improves the hand and eye coordination.
  • Modern video games are based on strategies compelling gamers to think out of the box. Therefore, they become skilled in planning and devising strategies for executing projects in the professional world.
  • Studies have found that video games can improve learning.
  • Many video games teach kids how to delegate, work as a team, and prioritize.
  • Internet-enabled games that let kids play with their real-life friends often require collaboration and division of tasks to beat the level.
  • Video games have been shown to help us improve our ability to reason and solve problems.
  • Video games can also help you become more creative.
  • playing video games can help improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and concentration.

Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

  • Kids and adults don’t get enough sleep when they play addicting video games.
  • There is an increase in physical aggression in children over time.
  • All video games have addictive qualities to them.
  • Kids with internet-connected games can easily “hang out” with friends after school without ever leaving home. But this type of virtual get-together is no replacement for actual face-to-face interaction.
  • One of the severe disadvantages of video games is related to the health of the child. An individual with continuous exposure to games may become obese and get affected by life-threatening disease over a period of time.
  • Playing video games takes time away from more important things.
  • Gamers might not get enough exercise.
  • Prolonged gaming comes with an increased risk of obesity.
  • The most important element of this debate is to remain focused on the facts and not the opinions of others. Just because someone does not like a video game doesn’t mean that all titles are bad or adversely influential.


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