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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fourth Generation of Computer

Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits. VLSI circuits having about 5000 transistors and other circuit elements with their associated circuits on a single chip made it possible to have microcomputers of the fourth generation.

While third generation computers saw the use of integrated circuits in building computers, the fourth generation is characterized by the increased number of circuits, allowing more data to be stored on a memory chip.

Large Scale Integration (LSI) and very large scale integration (VLSI), allow memory chips to have thousands of storage locations. Fourth-generation computers have a microprocessor, which has serial numbers. The serial numbers indicate the capability of the computer and speed as well.

Advantages of Fourth Generation of Computer

  • They were developed for totally general purpose use (general-purpose computers).
  • Smaller in size and much more reliable than other generations of computers.
  • The heat generation was negligible.
  • No cooling system is required in many cases of the fourth-generation computer.
  • Portable and cheaper than the older versions.
  • Fourth-generation computers were much faster than the older generations.
  • Graphics User Interface (GUI) technology was exploited to offer more comfort to users. PCs became more affordable and widespread during this period.
  • Less repair time and maintenance cost.
  • They were developed for commercial production as well.
  • All types of High-level languages can be used in this type of computers

Disadvantages of the Fourth Generation of Computer

  • Very advanced technology was required to fabricate the ICs (Integrated Circuits).
  • A high-quality and reliable system or technology can only make the ICs.
  • Cooler is required (Fan)
  • The latest technology is required for the manufacturing of Microprocessors.

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