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What is the Use of Computer? Applications of Computer

Computers are used in different field’s modern world. The computer couldn’t be imagined. The uses of computers in different fields are presented below:

Education: computer has been used in education to help the students in their study and the teachers to organize and prepare their teaching materials and collect the required information from the internet.

Due to the availability of e-books in CD (Compact Disk) DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) and Internet computers has been a very helpful and essential device for student and teacher for their better education.

Besides these the educational institute use a computer for keeping the student record preparing the result sheet examination process accounting and printing different document etc.

Office: Modern computers are very necessary and useful resources in the office. In Offices computers are used in preparing the reports, letter notices salary sheet income and expenditure reports, etc so that efficiency and work speed of the employees will be improved Generally Microsoft office and accounting Package are used in an office to handle the daily words.

Health and Medical Field:  computer have played a vital role in the medical field as it has been used in the hospital to the doctor’s nurses and technicians to diagnose disease getting information about the patient disease and drugs similarly many computerized equipments such as CT Scan Machine Eye testing machine and many other computerized machines are used for the right experiment are diagnosis surgeon also uses the computerized device to get the correct information about the condition of the patient.

Home: A computer in the past was huge very expensive and limited in its uses But nowadays due to the development in technology microcomputers have been developed.

After the development of the microcomputer, it has become a necessary device in the home which can be used in storing personal records photos videos playing games listening to music watching songs and movies, etc.

Bank: computerized technology has brought a revolution in banks. Unlike in manual System deposited and withdraw became quickly in the computerized bank a computer is also used to maintain ledger to provide the online service to the customers who need services from their home to transfer amounts etc for this purpose, there is a central computer called a server in bank mostly in the head office which stores all the necessary information centrally so that it can be accessed from any branch office of the bank Because of the customer can get services from any branches of the bank

Industry: computer has been used in industries for various purposes such as keeping the employees record income and expenditure record salary sheet measurement and display of physical quantity control of production etc the different tasks which are risky for human beings are being done by computerized robots in industries so that human lift will not be at risk this type of risk jobs in performed by a robot.

Science and Technology: Since the invention of the early computer it has been a great aid for the mathematician and scientists for doing fast and correct calculation scientific and technological research and technological research work involves complex and massive computation in many cases simulation is also required such massive calculation and simulation are not possible in paper or by hand calculators the modern computer is must for scientific research.

Recording and Film Studio: the modern computer can also be used for recording songs and also in film studios to do animation. It is used to make the movie more interesting more popularly and more attractive In the early days recording of songs was very difficult because songs and music should be played synchronously If one member of the team does some mistake then the whole process is reputed by nowadays the music and songs can be recorded at different tracks time and place similarly movie editing also has been very easy due to the computerized system.

Weather Forecasting: Weather Forecasting is not an easy task as it is done after the analysis of the images temperature wind speed humidity etc. of different places sent by satellite the analysis of these large data is not possible without the use of computer analyses the direction of the wind cloud structure past data and many other factors to forecast the weather Due to the use of supercomputer we can see that BBC CNN  etc predict the weather for the coming 5 days in all over the world.

Desktop Publication: Desktop publishing house is the place where the design and publication of different materials like book magazine journals etc take place before publishing these materials It should be designed properly nowadays there is much-computerized software for desktop designing and publishing which make it very easy and efficient.

Library: we can use computers in the library also to keep the record of book magazines reports newspaper and another document. We can also keep a record of the library member with which books they have borrowed with detailed information using a computerized system in the library.

Military: since the past computer have been used by armed forces for testing and development of military devices like missiles tanks bullets etc at present computers have been heavily used by the armed force modern weapons like tanks torpedoes missiles etc.

Engineering: In this modern life we have been building complex and different structures and computer is one of the major required equipment to design and showcase the final output. We have been building so many robots as well it has been all contributed by a Computer.

There are so many other industries as well they are making use of the computer to ease their work. But these are some of the major industries that they are making use of computers to get things done in easy and quick way possible.


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