What is Network Convergence?

network convergence

Network convergence is known as having multiple communication mediums within a single network.

Now here in this image, you can see there is different kind of modules or tech or communication medium within a single network connection.

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So today’s converged network means a unified communication model of multiple communication mediums like text, video, conference, sending the message, etc…

So what are the different types of Converge Networks?

  • VoIP
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Content
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Bulk Traffic or Emails

There are so many things that exist under a single network.

Texting: This means having a device based on Alphanumeric words that can be communicated on the basis of words. A simple example is a Cellphone.

Web Browsing or Surfing: It’s known as browsing different pages and data that are on the web randomly.

Voice over IP: This is known as the transmission of voice and multimedia data through network models or networking protocols.

Streaming Media: Streaming media does transmit the audio and visual data over the internet and could be played immediately as per the requirement.

These are the general type of converged networks, there are more like online gaming, shopping along conferencing.