What is Cybersecurity? Types of Cybersecurity

What is Cybersecurity

The term cybersecurity refers to the technologies and processes designed to defend computer systems, software, networks, and user data from unauthorized access. Also, threats are distributed through the internet by cybercriminals, terrorist groups, and hackers.

Today, people use the internet to advertise and sell products in various forms communicate with their customers and retailers, and perform financial transactions. Due to this, hackers and cybercriminals use the internet as a tool to spread malware and carry out cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity aims to protect computers, networks, and software programs from cyber attacks and hackers looking to perform account takeover fraud.

Most of these digital attacks are aimed at accessing, altering, or deleting sensitive information extorting money from victims; or interrupting normal business operations.

Types of Cybersecurity

There are three types of Cybersecurity types.

Information Security

Information security aims to protect the users’ private information from unauthorized access and identity theft. It protects the privacy of data and hardware that handles, stores and transmits that data. Examples of information security include user authentication and cryptography.

Network Security

Network security aims to protect the usability, integrity, and safety of a network, associated components, and data shared over the network. When a network is secured, potential threats get blocked from entering or spreading on that network.

Examples of network security include Antivirus and antispyware programs, Firewall that blocks unauthorized access to a network, and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) used for secure remote access.

Application Security

Application security aims to protect software applications from vulnerabilities that occur due to the flaws in application design, development, installation, upgrade, or maintenance phases.