Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As we know we are active and constantly developing new ways of driving some things or doing things easily. And Artificial intelligence is one of that way of doing things.

There are so many apps they work on the basis of artificial intelligence. Those all work on the basis of Learning and Neural Network, we will discuss that later but right now we need to know what is exactly artificial intelligence.

Wiki says,

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike natural intelligence.

Yes, artificial intelligence is process of giving machines ability to perform tasks normally associated with human intelligence.

According to Barr and Feigenbaum,

Artificial Intelligence is the part of computer science concerned with designing intelligence computer systems, that is systems that exhibit the characters we associate with intelligence in human behavior.

Writers have differentiated the artificial intelligence,

  • A system that thinks like a human.
  • A system that acts like humans.
  • A system that thinks rationally.
  • A system that acts rationally.


Elain Rich,

AI is the study of how to make the computer do things at which at the moment people are better.

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