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JavaScript Pros and Cons

Understanding and Advantages of JavaScript

Understanding and Advantages of JavaScript

The Javascript programming language is an object-oriented programming language for building interactive web pages.

A Java script allows user entries to be processed as required after they are loaded into an HTML form. Javascript offers several advantages to web developers.

It can be used to easily and quickly add functionality to web applications. Added functionality to HTML pages.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Interpreted languages do not require compilation steps. As with HTML tags, the syntax is completely interpreted by the browser.
  • JavaScript can be written, edited, and compiled within HTML without requiring a separate editor. You can write it in any text editor, such as notepad, along with HTML tags, and save it as fielname.html.
  • Easy to learn: By learning a few commands, and just a few simple rules of syntax, the complete application can be built using JavaScript.
  • JavaScript does not require time-consuming compilation, so scripts can be developed in a short time.
  • Designed for simple, small programs: Small programs can be written easily and executed at an acceptable speed using JavaScript and can be easily integrated into a webpage.
  • JavaScript can be written so that HTML files are compact and quite small. This minimizes storage requirements on the server and download times for clients.
  • Languages must support procedural capabilities such as condition checking, looping, and branching. The Javascript language provides syntax that can be used to add procedural capabilities to web page coding.
  • Intended for programming user events. It supports object-based programming.
  • Easy debugging and Testing: Being an interpreted language, JavaScript is tested line by line, and errors are listed when encountered. Thus it is easy to locate errors, make changes, and test without any difficulty.
  • Platform independence/Architectural Neutral: Java Script is a programming language that is completely independent of the h/w on which it works. It is a language understood by any JavaScript-enabled browser. Thus JavaScript applications work on any machine that has an appropriate JavaScript-enabled browser installed.

JavaScript Syntax

<script language = “JavaScript”>


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