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HTML – Different Types of HTML Tags

As you all know HTML language used to develop web pages is called HyerText Markup Language. HTML is the language interpreted by a Browser. 

Web Pages are also called HTML document. HTML is a set of special codes that can be embedded in the text to add formatting and linking information. HTML specified Tags in HTML document.


Tags are instructions that are embedded directly into the text of the document.

An HTML tag is a signal to a browser that is should do something other than just throw text up on the screen.   All the HTML tags begin with angle bracket (<) and a close angle bracket (>).   Types of HTML Tags.

Paired Tags

A tag said to be paired tag if it, along with a closing tag or companion tag. 

  1. eg. The <b> tag with it’s closing tag </b> is called as paired tag. 
  2. eg. The <p> tag with it’s closing tag </p> is called as paired tag.

Singular Tags

This is the second type of tag in html. The singular stand for alone tag. A alone tag does not have it’s closing tag. 

  1. eg. The <br> tag will insert line break but it doesn’t have it’s closing tag, so it is called as singular tag.
  2. e.g The <hr> tag will insert horizontal line on webpage but it doesn’t have it’s closing tag so it is called as singular tag.

Block Level Tags

The tag that produce line break before and after it, are called block level tag.

  1. eg. The <p> </p> tag is block level tag it produce line break. 
  2. eg. <h1></h1>, <div></div> 

Inline Tags

The tag that doesn’t produce line break are called inline tags. 

  1. eg. <b></b> tag is the inline tag, it is the bold tag it doesn’t produce line break.
  2. eg. <img> <span></span>.


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