Goal Directed Design of the User Interface

Usually, the software is preciously designed from the programmer’s point of view rather than the Users point of view. And known of this point will reflect the user’s goal. Because they are preciously designed as per the programmer’s need.

While it’s the programmer’s task to develop and design the software but the user’s task is to focus on job completion.

So, what are the user goals? how can we identify them? How do we know that they are real? Are they the same for all users? do they change over time?

The User’s Goal

Users’ goals can vary from person to person. i.e If there is a system for invoicing and two users might want to get their invoice differently.

So it’s better we keep focusing on users’ universal goals. And most importantly users don’t want to look like that.

  • Stupid
  • Doesn’t want to make mistakes.
  • Adequate amount of work done.
  • Have fun doing work.

Sometimes whenever you focus more on technology, you create software that is not for the users. The more you focus it won’t help users to complete their goals.

Software that is rude

Whenever software makes a mistake and it still blames users for making the mistake. The best example of this is you are processing the task through the software and triggers the alert box with the dead-end and not good message like “now you can’t proceed further”.

That makes users look bad and they will feel like they made a mistake. So it’s necessary to review that software that should not perform rudely.

Software that is Obscure

Whenever you release new software and you don’t care about users’ goals it will be obscure because users won’t get things easily and understand the meaning of the things that you have put on the software.

Software is frequently obscure, hiding meaning, intentions, and actions from the user. Whenever features are hiding behind somewhere in different sections that won’t help users to complete the tasks.

Software that is Inappropriate with the Behavior

The major issue happens while the user gives rapid commands through the software and sticks to one command. Like if you have given commands like save, open and print and yet still don’t proceed with the commands and stick to the save command only that is the abnormal behavior of the software which should not happen.

The Essence of User Interface Design

To be honest there is no such thing as a good user interface design. So whenever software or user interface design comes we need to understand Who Will Use it? for What Purpose? & How frequently? How Long?

A good user interface design requires making things easier for the users and we can say that a good design of the software will make a user more effective because there will be no issues like obscurity and etc…

The Goal of All Software users is to be more effective

It is up to us or you as a designer to determine how effectiveness manifests itself in the circumstances. The major goal of the software is that it should provide efficient task completion with effectiveness.


Cooper Alan, “Father of Visual Basis”, The Essentials of User Interface Design.


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