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CSS – Comment and Example

CSS Comments

Comments are a useful source to define our code or to make a coder understand the code applied.

This may help us edit our code in the future. Comments are not displayed by browsers.

CSS comments start with /* and end with */

Why Are Comments Required?

Comments are required to make code understandable; we don’t have to think we are not only the coder, or programmer.

If another engineer or developer checks any part of the code, then S/He should know what is that code and why that code exists. So it’s better to put comments in while doing the coding.

CSS Example

The declaration part must end with a semicolon and curly braces after each declaration.

background-color: 0f0;

/* header level one background color is green – 0f0 – for Single Line Comment */ text-align: left; /* text align is always left for all header level one -for Multi Line Comment */ }

Comments are always ignored by the browser; the browser won’t display the comments. It is only used to make code readable.

Unfortunately, CSS doesn’t have any easy way to add single-line comments. Like in JavaScript, you can do this.

JavaScript Example
//This is the single-line comment in JavaScript

Here you are using two backslashes for commenting on the line in JavaScript


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