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Advantages and Disadvantages of Server Side Scripting

What is Server Side Scripting?

Server-side scripting is a technique used in web development that involves employing scripts on a web server that produces a response customized for each user’s request to the website.

A script that is interpreted by the webserver is called a server-side script. A server-side script is an instruction set that is processed by the server, and which generates HTML.

The resulting HTML is sent as a part of the HTTP response to the browser.


  • Allows running programs in programming languages that aren’t supported by the browser.
  • Enables you to program dynamic web applications browser- independently,
  • Client-side programming features such as Java applets, Dynamic Html, and ActiveX controls, all of which are
    browsed specifically.
  • Can provide the client (browser) with data that does not reside at the client.
  • Provides improved security measures, since you can write code that can never be viewed from the browser.


  • Increases the workload of the server.


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