10 Business Benefits of Employee Experience Programs

Employee experience is imperative for employee experience management programs – we all know that. But why is employee experience (EX) important?

It truly engages your employees, making people feel heard and gives them a voice. It’s great for your people – but what about your business? If you haven’t heard already, employee experience lays the foundation for a powerful and engaging workplace culture. It can transform the way work is done in your organization, the way people interact, and the effort they put into every task.

Here are 10 ways employee experience can benefit your business

Higher Retention Rates

One of the biggest threats businesses face is the churning of top talent. You’re investing thousands into training new employees, ensuring they get an understanding of your company goals and objectives, learning your product – and then what happens?

They get a better offer and they leave.

Even as jobs are sparse, when it comes to skilled positions, finding a replacement can be an HR nightmare.

However, when you have a powerful EX program in place, it does more than increase engagement. You will often find with engagement programs and training that Learning needs analysis in order for the full benefits to be reaped. Analysing any program you put in place to optimise it’s benefit for employees allows you to become aware of possible employee concerns so you can take steps at the first sign of dissatisfaction. Not only will this show employees that their voice matters, it shows them that you’re a company not just focused on the bottom line. As a result, you’ll notice that employees will choose to stay for longer, improving retention rates!

Elevate Brand Reputation

When you have happy employees, they talk.

They’ll leave reviews on third party websites, share their experiences, and as a consequence improve the brand reputation. After all, it’s one thing to market yourself, but as every marketer worth their salt knows, true word-of-mouth is the holy grail of marketing.

And that’s exactly what happy employees are, the brand advocates you absolutely need!

Improve Recruitment Outcomes

Some employees will eventually leave. It’s up to you that they leave on good terms.

But what happens then? HR will be focused on finding a new recruit. Amid the endless calls and interviews, there’s one thing that will help them find the right fit for the role: online reviews and referrals.

Happy employees are always spreading the word. They’ll refer people they believe are the right fit for the organization making the process easier. What’s more, new recruits are going to scour the internet looking for reviews – finding glowing experiences shared on the internet just helps them make the decision faster, making it easier for your team to find the perfect candidate!

Build a Stronger Workplace Culture

When your focus is employee wellbeing and satisfaction, diversity and inclusivity is just a by-product, paving the way for a workplace that makes everyone feel safe and welcome.

By doing so, you will notice a higher level of engagement in everything that they do, whether it’s participating in activities, being proactive in their efforts, or even going out of their way to help their colleagues. The focus shifts from surviving another workday to thriving in everything that comes their way.

Better Risk Management

Another consequence of more engaged workplaces is employees who take accountability for what’s on their plate – even when they aren’t in office.

It creates a secure work environment, and employees are better able to collaborate and ensure that back-up processes are set up when they might not be available. Moreover, you will also be able to create more efficient risk-management solutions ensuring processes that are agile and adaptable.

After all, when employees aren’t constantly stressed or overwhelmed, feel secure in their job and the work they contribute, and are looking to give everything their best, they too will focus on the “what’s next” instead of just what’s on their plate!

Improved Collaboration

Are your teams working together?

Employee engagement makes people interact and work as a team. You can start this with lighthearted activities and games, organize events and create small teamwork projects – the better people get to know one another, the better they’ll also work together.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Wondering what your key strengths and weaknesses are?

Data holds the power. The more data you have, the more accurate your insights will be – and with engaged employees, you’ll be able to capture candid feedback to ensure you’re on the right track.

Of course, when you’re collecting feedback, one of the things to keep in mind is anonymity. No matter how much your employees trust you, ensuring they have the privacy to give the most honest response is a win-win for both!

Improved Innovation

It’s one thing to ideate, but quite another to get quality ideas. When you create a safe space for experimentation, learning, and growth, you also invariably end up in a company that has better and more innovative ideas.

And a the root of all of this? You guessed it! Employees who trust the company and feel engaged with the company culture!

Improved Employee Development

Creating a space where employees are encouraged to learn and grow will not only help with their development but the company’s success.

Assess skills, ask about employee interests, and help them achieve their professional development goals. By charting their path to success, you’ll nurture talent that can do more for the company while also gaining trust and loyalty in return.

Better Customer Experience

No employee experience conversation is complete without talking about its impact on customer experience.

Happy employees deliver the best experiences, plain and simple. They are more engaged with the company goals, want to truly deliver a better experience for customers beyond just doing their job, and they take charge. They take responsibility of a situation and of reaching the resolution, improving the overall customer experience.

Moreover, better employee engagement initiatives and experiences means creating a space where employees thrive. In doing so, you’ll be able to ensure that employees are truly working at optimal capacity instead of being overworked, making it easier for employees to do each task efficiently.

Get Started with Employee Engagement

At the end of the day, employee engagement is the key to company success. It is the foundation of a strong, growth-oriented enterprise, helping you achieve skyrocketing success and leave competition behind.

Want to learn how your employees feel about your company? Employee experience platform like SogoEX can help you keep your finger on the employee pulse, monitor changing sentiment, and get started with the most needed initiatives to bridge engagement gaps.


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