C++ Programming

Program to Set a Structure to Hold a Date (Month, Day, Year)

Set a Structure

Write a Program to set a structure to hold a date(month, day, year). Assign values to members of structure and print out the values in the format :dd/mm/yy by function. Pass the structure to the function.


  1. Start
  2. Define an structure date with members month ,day and year.
  3. Create a function date_format(date).
  4. Enter date in main function.
  5. Display date

Source Code


typedef struct
               int day;
               int month;
               int year;
void date_format(date);
void main()
 date d={3,7,2014};

void date_format(date d)
cout<<"Current Date :"<<d.day<<"//"<<d.month<<"//"<<d.year;


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