Windows 10

Why Disk Cleanup is Required in Windows 10

Disk Cleanup is one of the Windows Operating System features where Microsoft has added their own system to clear all…

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Hide Search Box, Cortana & Task View from Taskbar

Windows 10 have been optimized in so many cases, they want their users to follow the best and easy workflow,…

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How to Remove Weather & News Icon from Taskbar

In recent updates, Microsoft released a new update and they always change and modify something to make Windows better and…

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Retirement date of Windows 10 EOL Versions

Microsoft has updated their official documents with the note of that they will drop the support for Windows 10. According…

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Windows 11 Everything that You need to Know

In 2015 Microsoft launched Windows 10 and now after 6 years they are once again set to talk about Windows…

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Run DOS Based Applications through DOSBOX in Windows 10

Simply DOSBOX is an emulator program to emulate a different set of programs on Windows 10 or recent operating systems.…

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