JavaScript – Comments and Syntax

Comments in JavaScript Normally in JavaScript, the comments are treated as text between //.Multiple line comments are treated as the…

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JavaScript – Variables, Naming Rules, and Syntax

Variables and Naming Rules JavaScript variables can be used to hold values [e.g.: (x=10) or expression (a=b+c)]. Variable can have short…

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JavaScript – JavaScript in Head and Body Tag

JavaScript can be written inside the both <head> section and <body> section. Sometimes we need to write the JavaScript code…

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JavaScript – Put JavaScript inside Body Tag

JavaScript code can be placed inside the <body> and </body> tag of the HTML document. Using JavaScript code in the…

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JavaScript – Script Tag, Attributes, and Syntax

The <script> tag is used to define the JavaScript code. It identifies the block of the script on the page.…

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JavaScript – Java Programming Vs JavaScript

Java & java-script: Java & javascript have the only a name in common and nothing else. They are poles apart.…

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JavaScript – Write First Scripting Program

JavaScript has it’s own style of writing codes. It requires the <script> </script> tag. The JavaScript code can be written…

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JavaScript – Write Program to Print Hello World!!!

JavaScript is scripting language which is similar to C. It is syntax and logic are similar to C, C++ and…

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JavaScript – Introduction, History, and Syntax

What is “JavaScript”? The first appearance of JavaScript was made in Netscape 2.0 in 1995 with a name Live Script.JavaScript…

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