What is Data Mining?

Data mining refers to the extraction or “mining” of knowledge from large amounts of data.┬áData mining is an extraction of…

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What is Data Warehouse?

Loosely speaking, a data warehouse can be defined as the decision support database that is maintained separately from the organization’s…

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Types of Architectures in Distributed Database

The distributed database system allows applications from local and remote databases. The architecture of a system defines its structure and…

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Differentiate between Distributed and Centralized Database

A distributed database is the term used to describe a set of databases stored on multiple computers, but it will…

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What is a Distributed Database Management System?

Simply a distributed database management system (DDBMS) is the software that manages the distributed database and provides an access mechanism…

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What are the diffrent types of database network models?

Database network models are used to organize data it determines the manner in which data can be stored, organized and…

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What are the responsibilities of a database administrator DBA?

A database administrator is an individual responsible for maintaining the DBMS It has many different responsibilities, but the overall goal…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Database Management System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Database Management System: Database management system is a collection of interrelated data and a set of…

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