C Programming

C Program to read the four-digit number and display them in reverse order

Write a c program where program should read four digit number and display those entered number into reverse order. C…

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C Program to read principle, time, and rate and find the simple interest

Write a program to take input from user PrincipleTimeRate And find out the simple interest where simple interest = (p*t*r)/100.…

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Convert a Length from Kilometers to Meters

C Code, #include <stdio.h>#include <conio.h>void main(){ int km, m; clrscr(); printf("Enter the Kilometer:"); scanf("%d",&km); m=km*1000; printf("The length in meter=%d",m); getch();}…

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Program to Calculate Factorial Using Static Storage Class.

#include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>void main(){int x,i;long int f;long int factstat(int i);printf(“Input number:”);scanf(“%d”,&x)for(i=1; i<=x; i++)f=factstat(i);printf(“n Factorial=%d”,f);}long int factstat(int i){static long int f=1;f*=i;return(f);}

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C Program to Convert Entered Number of Days into Years, Months and Days

C Code #include <stdio.h>#include <conio.h>void main(){ int d,year,month,day,remd; clrscr(); printf("Enter the number of days to convert:"); scanf("%d",&d); year=d/365; remd=d%365; month=remd/30;…

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C Program to Find Total, Percentage and Division of Student

Write a program to find the division of a student by asking 5 subjects numbers Write a program to find…

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C Program to Find Greater Number by Using Nested If Else

Write a program to find greater number by using nested if else. C Code #include <stdio.h>#include <conio.h>void main(){ int number1;…

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C Program to Divide Integer Find the Quotient and Remainder

Write a program to divide an integer by another integer and find the quotient and remainder. C Code #include <stdio.h>#include…

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C Program to Take Input from User in Year and Convert into Days, Month and Weeks

Write a program to take input from user in years and convert those years into days, month, weeks. C Code…

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C Program to Check Whether the Entered Number is Even or Odd

Write a program to check whether the entered number is even or odd. C Code #include <stdio.h>#include <conio.h>void main(){ int…

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